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Select from over 100 delicious recipes that cater to every taste and cooking ability.


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Flavr charges 50% of the savings you make when you shop with recipes. Flavr then adds ingredients to your Sainsbury's basket.


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Check out and select a time slot. Our partners from Sainsbury’s will deliver the ingredients to your doorstep.


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Log in to Flavr and follow Flavr's photographed step-by-step cooking instructions.

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Good food doesn't have to be expensive

Our delicious meals start from £2.06 per portion. Flavr charges 50% of your savings as a savings fee. Our average customer's fee is as low as £1.70.

Nobody has time for grocery shopping

Select meals on Flavr, get it delivered by Sainsbury's and avoid walking between aisles for hours to pull together a decent dinner.

Our recipe book is never complete

Our chefs create new recipes each month across a range of cuisines, diets and nutritional needs.

Dinner for two & party for five?

Flavr's got you covered. With the click of a button you can adjust how many people each recipe is for.

Do the world a FLAVR

Flavr aggregates splittable ingredients that are shared across recipes to help reduce food waste.

Our customers say

Before Flavr, I used to use recipe boxes but I find that Flavr's recipes are easier to follow and cheaper. Best of all, I can add items such as bread or even laundry detergent into one shop. This wasn't an option with recipe boxes and I would have to visit the shops for these items. Now, I barely set foot in a shop!

Seb Loyd

Flavr makes life simple. With young children and a full-time job, I have very little time! With Flavr, my weekly shop can now be done in minutes!

Maria Cohan

I used to finish the day and dreaded the thought of having to sort out dinner without a clue of what to make.  Since using Flavr I look forward to the end of the day because I can relax knowing I have a tasty Flavr recipe and all the ingredients have already been delivered to my home.

Harry Evans

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